Rod got his start in the saddle business in 1974.
His first job was with a small shop in northeast Montana, in the heart of cow country.

The next two years found Rod working for various master saddlemakers, in Wyoming and Colorado.  Then in 1976,  he migrated to Florida's Gold Coast. The next five years were spent in the leading shop on the east coast, building cutting and show saddles.

In 1981, Rod was hired as shop foreman in a new saddle shop located in Georgia.  This was followed by five years building custom saddles for a store in the Atlanta, GA area.

In 1988, Rod opened his own shop and began building saddles with his own makers stamp on them.  Then, through the course of the next twenty years, Rod continued to hone his craft as a saddlemaker.

In the mid 90's, Cowboy Action Shooting took off in a big way.  With Rod's leather skills as a foundation, making cowboy gun leather was a smooth transition.  His gun rigs display craftsmanship not usually seen in this genre.  Fortunately, one of the premier clubs of SASS, was headquartered a short distance from Rod's shop.  This club came to be known as the 'Mule Camp Cowboys'.  The 'Mule Camp Cowboys' hosted the annual 'SASS Southeast Regional' event known as "Shootout at Mule Camp" for many years.   
Rod has been a member and supporter of the Mule Camp Cowboys since day one.

Also having one of the leading CMSA clubs just down the road from the shop was ideal.  The 'Peach State Mounted Shooters', in Gainesville, Georgia, have provided a great deal of support.
5Springs Farms has been an invaluable asset to our business, as well as the other members of the Peach State Mounted Shooters.

By being a saddlemaker, a shooter and a good listener, Rod has developed a line of products that you as a customer will be proud to own.
Our Story
Rod and Vicky Kibler are committed to providing you with the very best  product and service
~ since 1974
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