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Thanks for stopping by RodKiblerSaddlery.com, where the door is always  open.  If you don't see what you're looking for, give us a call or shoot us an email and we'll do our very best to accommodate you. Don't forget to check back from time to time, as we will be making changes periodically. Also, please check out our links page for useful information. We appreciate you taking the time to visit with us.
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Built for Trey Miller
Jet, Oklahoma
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Rifle Butt Cover
~ since 1974

Rod Kibler Saddlery
473 Mud Creek Road  -  Alto, GA 30510
706-778-3753  -  rksleather@juno.com
High Roller
Rod Kibler Saddlery is proud to support 
Cowboy Mounted Shooting.
As an expression of our support, we are active 
sponsors of Peach State Mounted Shooters in Gainesville, Georgia.   
Contact at www.PSmountedshooters.com 

We are also a sponsor of CMSA of Oklahoma
Contact at www.CMSAofOklahoma.com

Missouri Big Irons- www.mobigirons.com

In addition to club sponsorships, we also sponsor these accomplished competitors:

     Eddie Miller of Jet, Oklahoma     
     Joel Paulk of Cumming, GA
     Denny Chapman of Ocala, FL
     Sam Helms of Monroe, NC
     Ken Hanne of Wright City, MO
     Curt & Sheila Moore of Paradise, TX
     Cecil Berry of Wheeler, TX

Trey Miller of Jet, Oklahoma

Deana Miller of Jet, Oklahoma

Eddie Miller of  Jet, Oklahoma

Joel Paulk of Cumming, Georgia~
Joel is an accomplished trainer and instructor. 
Contact Joel at www.5sfarms.com

Rich Hanne of Murphysboro, Illinois
 competes on horses: 
"Red" and "Margaret"

Denny Chapman of Ocala, Florida~Denny is a familiar face and voice at major CMSA events. He is a well known clinician, announcer and competitor. Denny competes in both CMSA and SASS events, with many wins to his credit. You may contact Denny at www.DennyChapman.com

call us: 706-778-3753
email: rksleather@juno.com
Click for more saddles!
Click for more saddles!
Built for Eddie Miller
Jet, Oklahoma
Photo by Jim Cook
Photo by Jim Cook
Built for Joel Paulk
Cumming, GA
 Will Miller
 aka 'Wild 'Will'  of Jet, Oklahoma
 Competes in CMSA and MSA

We also offer leather goods and Hope saddles for the Cavalry competitors. Our customers are consistently among the top shooters in this category.
Please contact us for holster and saddle pricing.
This page was last updated: March 16, 2019
Thank you to all of our sponsored shooters
Call for pricing and 
additional information 
MSR 22
MSR 22
with double buckle belt
All quality Leather products shown on this website were custom made for our customers. Use these images to design your own special product.
Click for more saddles!
Built for Deana Miller
Jet, Oklahoma
Click for more saddles!
Built for Will Miller
Jet, Oklahoma
Sam Helms of Monroe, NC
Also, see our Shooters Gallery for other shooters
Built for Trey Miller
Jet, Oklahoma
We specialize in Cowboy Mounted Shooting Leather
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