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All Kibler saddles and gun rigs are made from select skirting leather. Leather is drum dyed at the tannery assuring complete pigmentation, which is color fast, this is not possible with hand dyeing.

I constantly strive to find American made components and I only use American made conchos and silver trim. No imports are used here. All other components are American made when they are available.

Each holster is wet molded to the intended pistol.  The throats are flared out and shaped during this molding process.  All carving is completely done by hand.  No machine stamping or embossing.

The rawhide overlay, at the holster throat, is an innovation started at Kibler Saddlery.  The idea of using rawhide came about to address the needs of mounted shooters.  Losing pistols from soft or ill fitting holsters was a real problem.  By adding the rawhide and proper molding, this problem was virtually eliminated.  After some modifications, I found the rawhide roll to be a real plus for ground shooters as well.
The rawhide roll is installed during the making of the holster.  During the curing process of the holster, the rawhide is shaped to form a stable funnel at the throat. This pronounced and rigid funnel, greatly eases reholstering, thus making for much faster and safer return to leather.
The rawhide overlay holster has been on the firing line in hundreds of matches.  Customers who have one, would not be without it.  The rawhide roll is an available option on any holster.  Mechanics notwithstanding, rawhide is sure enough correct for the period and the overlay adds a nice look to your rig.  

Holsters may be lined with smooth cowhide of similiar tannage to the outer body.  Suede or Pig skin lining is also available if you desire.  Belts may be lined with either smooth or rough out leather.

Whether you choose a rig that is really fancy or one that is purely functional, you can be assured that I will make yours from the best material available and with all of the care and skill that I've developed over the past thirty plus years.

Thanks for stopping in to take a look.  

Rod Kibler

Other Thoughts
Butt Kicker
with rawhide overlay 
MSR 13
(mounted shooting holster)
~ since 1974
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