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  ~Rawhide Option~
Kibler Saddlery led the way with this innovation. The adaption of a Rawhide throat was originated in cooperation with mounted shooters.
They needed a holster design that held the pistol securely, yet afforded easy access. After minor design changes, the Rawhide overlay filled a definite need for the cowboy action shooter.

At Kibler Saddlery, traditional concepts have always been a priority, hence no steel is ever used in the body of our holsters.

The Rawhide overlay has been welcomed by both cowboy action and mounted shooters. It solves many issues and is made from traditional material.
The Rawhide overlay is an available option on any holster.
  ~Butt Kickers~
"Butt Kickers", shown here, offer the ultimate design for serious competitors. If you are looking for that edge, "Butt Kickers" will make a difference.

This unique design is the result of years of refinement through range testing and competition, striving for the right combination of speed as well as safety.

The design of the "Butt Kicker" provides correct leverage against the pistols. In doing so, the grips are presented at an easily accessible position, "kicked" away from the body. Allowing for a fast draw and easy return to leather.
The forward muzzle angle allows for a smooth draw. Because the wrist does not have to "break" to clear leather, this provides for a smooth motion from holster to target.

The holsters fit snugly on the belt. This eliminates "follow up" by the holster when the pistol is drawn. In addition to the belt lock, provision is also made to anchor directly to the belt. Both vertical and lateral creeping can be eliminated.

Another feature of the "Butt Kicker" is the rawhide roll. Safety is a paramount consideration. The rawhide roll keeps the throat of the holster open. Return to the leather is much faster and safer than with conventional holsters.
Butt Kickers Kick Butt!!!
  ~Pistol Packer~
Here is a product that any gun owner will appreciate if you are a cowboy action shooter or mounted shooter. Or, maybe you just want to carry your pistols in a case that makes a statement.

The Pistol Packer  is made from top grain skirting leather and lined with smooth cowhide.
The Pistol Packer  comes in handy for temporary storage between stages, on your gun cart or saddle horn.
They will accomodate pistols with up to 6" barrel length. They come with a convienient handle and you may order an optional shoulder strap.
  ~Butt Cover~
Our Butt Covers address the problem of slick metal butt plates, with a touch of class. They are made from durable skirting leather for years of service.

The shoulder piece is hand stitched, just like a toe plug on a high quality holster. By using this method, the integrity of the angles are not compromised. It also provides a "finished" look.

You can order your Butt Cover as fancy as you like. Hand carved, border stamped or plain and strictly utilitarian.

When you order your gun rig, have your Butt Cover made to match.

Butt Covers  are available for most all cowboy long guns.

Returning the pistol to leather has always been an issue for the cowboy shooter. The rolled Rawhide throat solves this problem.
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